About Himalayan Eco Tours

About Us

Himalayan Eco Tours Founded in 2014 with a vision to establish a company which caters to the demand of mass customers in tours and travel industry. Right from the beginning, company developed customer centric approach to business. Initially company focused on tours and travel operations in and around Himachal and North East with the growth in business and having a long list of satisfied customers, today company has operations not only in Himachal but whole of the country. Some of the most attractive destinations like Himachal, Ladakh, Rajasthan and Uttaranchal are the strong holds of the company. Company has established a strong network of travel agents, franchises, transporters and hoteliers to make hassle free arrangements for its customers. Presently, company deals with leisure trips, Adventure tours & organizing vacations, honeymoon travel, customized tours to suit the needs of customers.


We believe in the philosophy of “ATEETHI DEVO BHAVA” means “GUEST IS GOD”. We give our best to make our guest feel at home. Profit has never been at the centre of company’s business operations rather company always focused on customer satisfaction. We strongly believe that if our customer is satisfied, we are bound to grow. We do everything possible for the customer satisfaction. We are always ready to go extra mile to meet the expectations of our customers and we have been doing the same for last years. Results can be seen from ever growing demand of people to travel and share their joy with us. We understand that our customer is spending his/her hard earned money with us and we provide best of the facilities and services unmatchable in the industry


We have a vision to be most valued, reliable and customer friendly company in the industry. To achieve our vision company has established following missions. I. To double the market share in terms of business in coming years. II. To reach and help many travellers. III. Continuous focus on Human Resource Development through training.


Our business revolves around certain values which are driving force not only to the company management but to each and every employee of the company.
Customer is supreme – This is a core value of the company. Every other value revolves around this only. We fully understand that customer is supreme for us. If our customer is satisfied, we are also satisfied. Hence, we try our best to maintain very high customer satisfaction ratio.
Value of time – We understand the value of the time of our customers. That’s why we make every effort to give you joy and a memorable experience for every second you spend with us. We make it a point that there are no mismanagements, unnecessary delays during your whole travel period. Even if something goes wrong, we are always ready with a backup plan so as to save your valuable time.
Reliability – We have a reliability record of past 4 years. Our packages are well planned and managed so that our customer is always at ease with us and completely rely on us.
Transparency – Every deal you do with our company will be a transparent deal. You will never find hidden charges, miscellaneous charges etc. when you are doing business with us. Every type of charge will be told to you beforehand in our detailed package document.
Innovation - Innovation is a policy for the company. We try to innovate every day to give best deals, destinations and offers to our customers. Through our innovative ways we are able to cut down cost but maximize services to the customers.